About me

Welcome to my Library!

I am a writer from Sydney with with two finished manuscript for my children’s fantasy trilogy Illuminations, and the third is on the way (sounds like a baby!) In the past I have mainly concentrated on writing for for children but I’m also having a crack at writing short stories, romance and YA – and a part memoir/part story about a world trip my family went on and our crazy dachshund spotting competition.

I am an ex-banker, remedial massage therapist and office administrator from Sydney with dreams of becoming an author. I write children’s fiction, YA, short stories, romance and articles, commentary and book reviews for my blog – Welcome to my Library, and care for my family, including three naughty dachshunds. I enjoy reading, catching up with friends, book club, attending writers festivals and writing workshops, travelling and organising and hosting charity functions.

I started this blog as I felt disconnected with the writing world at large. I wanted to join in on the discussion of books of all genres, talk about the excitement and angst of writing a book, give and receive writing hints and also connect and support writers of Australian Fiction & Speculative Fiction.

My blog will  feature details about my book and my hopeful journey to become an author, book reviews for Australian books I have enjoyed (childrens, YA & speculative fiction), comments on writing courses, writers festivals, writing competitions and showcasing talented Australian authors. As of January 2015 my lovely friend Angela Long has joined me here at Welcome to my Library with reviews for Australian adult fiction. Yay! 🙂

My Writing

I have been writing on and off for a while now, sometimes putting it aside for a year or two at a time. I was meandering my way through the process of writing a novel with absolutely no idea what I was doing. Thankfully something prompted me to do a course and I realised my novel had no real purpose, a vague plot, and only became interesting about 10,000 words in! I needed help.

So, I completed a few courses, which taught me some of the structural aspects of creating a good novel, interesting characters and using a unique voice. I then followed that up with two 5-month mentorships with author Dr Kathryn Heyman. These mentorships were invaluable and helped me find the story lurking beneath my words. Not only did the mentorships with Kathryn help me improve my story and the quality of my writing, but also the deadline of sending 10,000 polished words to her every month made me work harder than I ever had before, and in the process I finished my book.

Courses I have attended

2000 – Australian College of Journalism – Diploma of Professional Children’s Writing

2011 – Sydney Writers Festival Workshop – How to get Published

2011 – Australian Writers Centre – 5 Week Course Writing Books for Children & Young Adults

2011 – Australian Writers Centre – 2 Day Course Plot and Structure with Kathryn Heyman

2011 & 2012 – 2 x 5 month Writing Mentorships with Author Kathryn Heyman

2012 – Sydney Writers Festival Workshop – Fine Tuning Your First Chapter with Editor Nicola O’Shea

2013 – Sydney Writers Festival Workshop – Killing your darlings with Editor Rebecca Starford

2012 – Unlocking Creativity 2 Day Workshop with Author & Creative Writing Teacher Sue Woolfe

2013 – Australian Writers Centre – 2 Day Workshop History, Mystery Magic with Author Kate Forsyth

2014 – Conflux Writers Day

June 2014 – Australian Society of Authors – Perfect Your Pitch with Claire Craig (Publisher at Pan Macmillan Australia)

November 2014 – NSW Writers Centre – Literary Speed Dating (3 minutes to pitch my book to a room full of Agents & Publishers) Why do I do this myself????

3 thoughts on “About me

    • Hi Allan, thanks for following as well. I’m trying to make the writing more than a hobby – hopefully one day I’ll get there. Ready to pitch my book,but it has been such a long process writing it that next year I would really like to start on some short stories. Looking forward to reading more on your blog too. 🙂


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