Book Review: Song of the Slums by Richard Harland (VBLOG)

Following is a review of Australian author Richard Harland’s gaslight romance/steampunk YA novel ‘Song of the Slums’. I really enjoyed reading this book a few months ago and never quite got around to reviewing it but LOOK – Helen at High Fantasy Addict has reviewed it via video! Check it out – it’s a great review of a great book!

H L Petrovic


Paperback, 372 pages

Published  2013 by Allen & Unwin

Greetings Brave Adventurers,

Today I’ve reviewed Richard Harland’s YA gaslight romance novel, Song of the Slums and I decided to do something a little different and review it in a video. Its my first one, so apologies that I’m a little awkward! Hope you enjoy it!

About Richard Harland


Richard Harland is a fantasy and science fiction writer. He has been an academic, performance artist (performing in a band) and writer, publishing 15 full length works of fiction, three academic books, as well as several award-winning short stories and poems. He is best known for his steampunk novels, and had his first international breakthrough with Worldshaker, which Allen & Unwin sold to Simon & Schuster in the US, along with publishers in the UK, Germany, France and Brazil. Liberator, the sequel, was published in all the same countries. His latest work,

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